Welded Wire Mesh

 Weldmesh is a welded steel wire mesh manufactured from bright drawn wire, electrically welded at the intersections, as it is welded it can be cut or bent to the shape required without the wire falling apart.
The physical properties of the wires used are rigidly controlled to produce a Welded mesh which has maximum weld strength combined with ductility.The steel specification allows for bright drawn wire having a tensile strength of 30/35 tons per square inch with a high resistance to fatigue.
All intersections are resistance welded and without reducing the tensile strength of the wires each weld has an average shear strength equal to 80% of the wire strength.
Standard mesh sizes are genrally available ex-stock whilst special engineered mesh sizes can be produced on request. All mesh is produced from plain wire rod cold drawn into deformed bar in our own factory. All mesh bears the BRC brand name, synonymous with quality, for identification purposes.
BRC is a brand where the welded wire mesh is produced under modern facilities and adheres to strict BS standards producing quality products for the civil construction Industry.
In keeping with the principles of the group as a whole, BRC has benefited from significant investment in training, quality systems and the most up-to-date manufacturing processes.
As a result, we have the capacity to operate round the clock and satisfy medium or high volume orders.Our experience ensures that every panel is produced accurately, cost-effectively and on time.