Cold Rolled Steel Bar

 Cold rolled ribbed steel bar is a new model of practical construction steel materials. It is widely used as the fitting bar for various steel bar concrete structure engineering and making of various construction components. With its high strength and the fixing strength with concrete, its sufficient plastic property, it can enhance the technical and the quality of the engineering, reduce the cost of raw materials and the cost of engineering at the same time. The finished products can be round coil or straight sizes.

Cold Rolled Wire advantages:

Cold rolling increases the tensile strength and the ribbing guarantees the perfect bond with concrete. The manufacturing process determines the mechanical properties and the dimension of the bars. Quality control is secured (by continuous testing), a high and steady quality level, surpassing what is normally requested in the standards (Mainly - BS 4482:2005, BS 4449:2005 Grade B 500A, ASTM A1064–16).

Features and specifications: 

1. Outer diameter: 4-12mm

2. Steel grade: BS 4482-1985 / ASTM A1060

3. Cold draw steel bar

4. Material: MS SAE1008 - 1018

5. Length: 1-12m

6. Surface: Plain or Ribbed