Introduction to the LENTON Coupler     USA Origin. 

LENTON has been a pioneer in the concrete construction industry for more than 40 years. We changed rebar splicing, first with CADWELD mechanical connections, then with the LENTON mechanical splicing system – the #1 mechanical connector in the world. LENTON now offers a wide range of mechanical splices for almost any construction need:

• CADWELD – Premiere mechanical splicing system

• LENTON FORM SAVER – Ideal for segmental pour

• LENTON INTERLOK – Ideal for precast structures

• LENTON QUICK WEDGE – Ideal for quick retrofit

• LENTON SPEED SLEEVE – Ideal for compression situations

• LENTON TERMINATOR – Ideal alternative to hooked rebar anchorage

• LENTON LOCK – Ideal for in-situ splices 

The entire LENTON line of mechanical rebar splices has replaced many conventional splicing systems, such as welding and lap splicing. Unlike butt welding, LENTON products require no special training or external power source, are quicker to install and inspect, reduce crane time, improve the tensile strength of the splice and can be installed in any weather. As your rebar splicing specialist,

LENTON offers you the expertise you need for all your rebar splicing projects.

LENTON Taper Threaded Mechanical Splices:

Generic: The mechanical connection shall meet building code requirements of developing in tension or compression, as required, by*. The mechanical connection shall be the positive locking, taper threaded type coupler manufactured from high quality steel. The bar ends must be taper threaded using the manufacturer’s bar threading equipment to ensure proper taper and thread engagement. Bars shall be installed to the manufacturer’s requirements. The couplers shall be manufactured using registered quality systems around the world. *as required by local norms/codes.

A Look at LENTON Concrete Reinforcement Products Catalogue.